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STREAMin3 Added to VDOE Approved Curriculum List

Did you know that E3: Elevate Early Education funded the development of STREAMin3 in The New E3 School? The New E3 School is a prototype, statewide demonstration model of best practices in early education and a catalyst for policy change. When E3 worked with UVA to develop the curricula, our goal was to ensure that […]

Innovation & Impact

Over half of Virginia’s kindergarteners are showing up to school NOT ready in literacy, math, social skills or self regulation.  Too many children are entering kindergarten without key readiness skills and continuing to struggle through third grade and beyond. When children have access to high quality early education, they enter kindergarten ready, regardless of their […]

The Build Back Better Act: What Does It Mean for Early Education?

The Build Back Better Act has been the subject of much debate.  Passed by the House earlier this month, the proposed legislation contains over 100 pages related to early education.  Aspects of this bill hold the potential to transform America’s early education landscape.  Our friends at The Hunt Institute prepared a six-page Q&A summary called, “Childcare and Prekindergarten […]

What’s Important to VA Voters?

The election is in full swing!  In November, Virginians will elect a new governor.  100 House of Delegate seats are also up for grabs. Both candidates, Terry McAuliffe (along with First Lady Pamela Northam,  Congressman Scott and Delegate Graves) and Glenn Youngkin visited The New E3 School in August to talk about the education crisis. […]

Ready or Not?

Recently released data showed that an alarming 52% of Virginia’s kindergarteners ended the school year needing additional help in literacy, math, self-regulation and social skills. The pandemic has hit our children, families, teachers and school hard.  Too many of our children are starting school behind.  They will have a tough time catching up. Key Data Points […]

STREAMin3 on Our Nature Playground

When you spend time on our nature playground, you quickly realize that it is truly an outdoor classroom.  There are science, technology, reading, engineering, art and math activities happening all around. Every child is discovering, exploring, talking, playing and having fun!  There is learning going on everywhere! The gardening station is filled with soil and […]

Tough Test

A March 2021 report by Lynn Olsen and Brooke Lepage of Georgetown University’s FutureEd documents the incoherent, misaligned web of early learning assessments that are costly, challenging to administer and proven to be misused or neglected altogether by policy makers.  Tough Test – The Nation’s Troubled Early Learning Assessment Landscape.

EVERY Child Deserves Access to a High-Quality Education from Early Learning on Up

As the American Rescue Plan (ARP) hits educational agencies and the Virginia Department of Education (VDOE), there is an opportunity in Virginia and in our country to rethink educational systems and help our students get back on track. More children from all socioeconomic backgrounds are behind as a result of the pandemic.  The most recent […]

Women Are Dropping Out of the Workforce

  Dear Friends, We wanted make sure you saw the Good Morning America story about women dropping out of the workforce.  It features an economist talking about the dire need to address this demand and Virginia’s own Kim Hulcher with the Virginia Child Care Association (VCCA) speaking eloquently about the struggles of working parents, early educators and […]

Research-Practice Partnerships

We are excited for you to see this just released policy brief from Princeton & Brookings’ the Future of Children. The brief highlights strong partnerships between E3, UVA, The Virginia Department of Education and policymakers that led to the development and wide-scale implementation of the Virginia Kindergarten Readiness Program as a tool for teachers, parents, […]

E3 Pivots to Tackle BIG Challenges

Dear Friends, In 2005, the Hampton Roads Community Foundation, business, civic and philanthropic leaders created Smart Beginnings South Hampton Roads (SBSHR), one of three regional early education initiatives in the state (Fairfax, South Hampton Roads and Williamsburg).  SBSHR moved the meter from 1 in 5 kids not ready for kindergarten to 1 in 10 by […]

A Slam Dunk for Our Children!

Dear Advocates, The 2021 General Assembly wrapped up this week.  YOU made sure that our early learners, parents, teachers and programs were a top priority. Budget Recap $11.1m to increase the Virginia Preschool Initiative (VPI) per pupil amount from $6,326 in FY21 to $7,655 in FY22 to improve quality $5m in FY22 to recruit and […]

“Little Band-Aids” Won’t Fix the Child Care Industry. New Report Proposes an Overhaul.

This story is part of an EdSurge Research series about early childhood education.   The current child care system in the United States is broken, and everyone involved – the children, their parents and especially the workers supporting them – are suffering as a result, according to a new report from the Center for the Study […]

URGENT: Funding At Risk!

  Dear Advocates, As you know, Virginia’s readiness and learning gaps have widened during the health crisis.  Now is the time to give our children, parents, and early educators the resources they need to succeed. Legislators are negotiating the final budget today.  Take one minute to send a letter to budget conferees and tell them […]

Hamre: Universal Pre-K isn’t Enough. The Programs Must be of High Quality.

Even before the outbreak of COVID-19 and resulting mass closures, high-quality child care was in short supply.  Between 2018 and 2019, half of states actually saw a decline in the number of child care centers. This is among the reasons why results from recent elections, in which voters turned out in droves to back pre-K […]