A Proven Track Record.

E3 Solves BIG Problems with
Innovative Solutions.

The Mission

E3 + The E3 School raise awareness, advocate and create innovative initiatives to give children equitable access to a high-quality education for the first eight years.
Children reading at the New E3 School.
A child painting blue on a canvas at the New E3 School.

The Vision

All children deserve the opportunity to access a high-quality continuum of learning. They will learn, grow and thrive to their fullest potential regardless of their zip code or neighborhood.

What We Do

We are making an impact, TOGETHER! Let’s keep the momentum going for our children, families, teachers, programs and schools.

Identify Problems and Solve with
Innovative Data-Driven Solutions

Raise Awareness, Educate, and Move Constituents to Action

Empower Parents + Families with Tips and Tools

Partner with
Philanthropy and Policymakers

Advocate for

Measure Impact to improve statewide early learning