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The Right to Read

Dear Friends: I attended a screening of the Right to Read at Norfolk State University last week. This is a documentary YOU do not want to miss. I cannot stop thinking about the documentary, it was masterful in identifying the many ways we have failed children, teachers and families. At the same time, it was […]

Where Are They Now?

William is a Bradley Family Scholar who is now in third grade. William recently placed first in the third grade science fair. In May, he was recognized by the School Board of the City of Norfolk for his outstanding achievements. His love of science began at The New E3 School with our science, technology, engineering, […]

Making Our Teachers Even Better Using the CLASS Tool.

Since opening our doors, the New E3 School has been all about innovation. About taking a fresh look at everything that has to do with early learning with open minds and open hearts. In that spirit, our school and our teachers made a commitment early on to fully integrate the CLASS program. CLASS – the […]

Mental Wellness May

Our teachers work with children in every classroom to help them learn to breathe, relax, reduce stress and calm their bodies.  They help children understand how to manage their emotions, work well with others and cooperate.  We try to equip children with strategies to manage stress.  And yes, children feel stress too.  A few of […]

Pushing for a Better Future

Dear Fellow Advocates, Last year we fought hard to help pass the Virginia Literacy Act, a landmark bill that will provide high-quality, evidence-based early education programs and interventions for grades K-3. It’s a great victory for Virginia’s kids and their future. But what about older kids who are struggling right now? Many of the children […]

VA’s Kids Are Calling On You

Dear E3VA Supporters, As you’ve heard in the local, state and national media, the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) data shows a sharp decline in reading and math scores for Virginia’s fourth and eighth graders. Across the country, scores dipped to a 20-year low. Our country, including state and local schools, are in the […]

The latest test scores are in. We’re still failing our children.

For the first time in 30 years, new statistics show Virginia’s school children have fallen below national standards in reading, and they’re just getting by in math. It all adds up to problems. The latest National Assessment Educational Progress report – better known as “The Nation’s Report Card” – paints a grim picture of education […]

The Domino Effect

Not ready for kindergarten? The first domino falls. As a wealth of data strongly indicates and studies old and new robustly confirm, the first eight years of life are critical to the development of a child’s ability to learn and succeed. High-quality early education for all children is an essential equalizer and a key for […]

Moving Full STREAM Ahead!

At The New E3 School, you can peek inside our lively classrooms to find children who are highly engaged and teachers artfully guiding development throughout the day.  That’s because our school proudly implements the comprehensive STREAMin3 curriculum model in all of our classrooms. It all started when E3: Elevate Early Education (E3) looked nationally at […]

VKRP Adapts to Make Data Relevant During COVID-19

Princeton & Brookings’ The Future of Children brief highlights the traumatic impact of COVID-19 on children’s social-emotional health and learning.  With 84% of Virginia kindergarteners engaged in virtual instruction in the 2020/2021 school year, data collected from the Virginia Kindergarten Readiness Program brought attention to the academic and social-emotional support needed by students amidst the pandemic. […]

Relationships Matter.

I was perusing The Atlantic and the cover and title of a book caught my eye.  It was entitled, Hunt, Gather, Parent.  Parenting is a tough job no matter how old your children are.  A friend of mine who has five grown children recently said, “Bigger children. Bigger Problems.”  We all know that the early […]

Act NOW!

Dear Advocates: This week is Crossover at the General Assembly which means the House sends their Bills over to the Senate and the Senate sends their Bills over to the House.  It will be critically important that members of the House Appropriations and Senate Finance & Appropriation Committees hear from YOU!  Please ask for their […]

Virginia’s Reading Crisis

Dear Friends, There is a reading crisis.  Too many of our children are struggling when they enter kindergarten.  In fact, OVER 21,000 kindergarteners are at risk of reading failure.  The reading gaps are widening.  There are more children in K-2 at HIGH risk of reading failure. That is why we applaud the bipartisan effort of […]

WE are Making an Impact TOGETHER!

Dear Advocates: As the 2022 General Assembly is underway, we wanted to remind you of the impact we have made together up to this point. TOGETHER, WE: Worked alongside Republicans and Democrats to change policy and impact children. Focused on data-driven problems and solutions. Secured BIG WINS for our kids. Increased Virginia’s investment in early […]

STREAMin3 Mission Accomplished!

Dear Friends, As you know, E3 through the generosity of private investors funded and worked alongside UVA to develop the STREAMin3 curricula model for children ages one to five in our school.  Ultimately, we set out to create and develop a model that would impact thousands of children, parents, teachers and programs by giving them […]