The latest test scores are in. We’re still failing our children.

December 27, 2022

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For the first time in 30 years, new statistics show Virginia’s school children have fallen below national standards in reading, and they’re just getting by in math.

It all adds up to problems.

The latest National Assessment Educational Progress report – better known as “The Nation’s Report Card” – paints a grim picture of education in Virginia.

  • Only 32% of 4th graders and 31% of 8th graders scored at or above proficient in reading in 2022
  • Just 38% of 4th graders were at or above proficient in math in 2022 – barely above the national average
  • Only 69% of 8th graders scored below the benchmark for math

The time is now.

Our children, families, teachers + schools need your voice more than ever. Together, we can get our kids back on track.Do your part to create a brighter future for Virginia’s children.