Relationships Matter.

February 22, 2022

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I was perusing The Atlantic and the cover and title of a book caught my eye.  It was entitled, Hunt, Gather, Parent.  Parenting is a tough job no matter how old your children are.  A friend of mine who has five grown children recently said, “Bigger children. Bigger Problems.”  We all know that the early years come with their challenges too.  This book was written by Dr. Michaeleen Doucleff about effective parenting approaches after she had her own child.

The gist is she travels around the globe with her three-year-old daughter to learn and practice parenting strategies in three of the world’s most vulnerable communities.  During this adventure, she finds that parents build relationships with their children in different ways than we do here in the United States.  She lives with these families, spends time observing their parenting and tries the strategies with her own child.  She learns to discipline without yelling, parent without bribes and incentives, and to raise a cooperative child.

One thing she notes is that children should learn early how to calm themselves and think before they speak or act.  Just the other day I was giving a presentation with a colleague, and a father of a one-year-old and eight-year-old asked us what other countries do differently when it comes to parenting and education.  The answer is A LOT.  And, we can learn from them.

Hunt, Gather, Parent is filled with practical strategies for us all.  Parenting in the 21st century is tough.  We can all use tips on how to engage, talk, relate and build better relationships with our children at any age.  I recommend adding this book to your reading list.