Moving Full STREAM Ahead!

April 13, 2022

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E3 Elevate Early Education

At The New E3 School, you can peek inside our lively classrooms to find children who are highly engaged and teachers artfully guiding development throughout the day.  That’s because our school proudly implements the comprehensive STREAMin3 curriculum model in all of our classrooms.

It all started when E3: Elevate Early Education (E3) looked nationally at best practices and recognized there were many different curricula in the market, but wanted to take the latest research and everything we know is good for kids and bake it into a model.  At the time, Princeton-Brookings The Future of Children released a policy brief that outlined what a high-quality model should look like in early education through third grade.  The model included curriculum, aligned professional development, coaching to help improve quality in the classroom, and assessments to understand the readiness of children from all socioeconomic backgrounds.  Ultimately, we wanted to equip and empower teachers, parents, programs, and schools with the support they needed to get our children off to a great start.

E3 teamed up with the University of Virginia (UVA) to develop an innovative, integrated and interactions-focused STREAM (science, technology, reading, engineering, arts, and math) curriculum that would blend academic and social-emotional learning.  E3 funded and worked alongside UVA to develop the STREAMin3 curriculum model in our prototype model school.  E3 advocated and leveraged public-private dollars to pilot the model in over 100 classrooms across Virginia as part of $6m in targeted state investments to improve access to quality programs.  The goal was to impact even more children beyond our school and create a model that could be replicated and scaled to impact more children, teachers, and programs.

At our school, you will see firsthand how STREAMin3 seamlessly blends a focus on academic and social-emotional learning to spark a child’s love for learning right from the start.  We have felt the impact that STREAMin3 has had on our teachers, children, and families.  E3, The New E3 School, UVA and our many partners are so excited to share that STREAMin3 is now available as an open-resource curriculum option to make an impact in programs across the Commonwealth.

Through support and funding from the Virginia Department of Education, UVA will provide publicly-funded birth-to-five programs in Virginia the curriculum and a range of professional development options at low-to-no-cost.  Contact STREAMin3 to request enrollment.  It’s an exciting opportunity, and we hope you’ll join us in our mission to advance early education across the Commonwealth of Virginia.  Have you seen The New E3 School in action?  Email Jacquie to set up a tour today.

Lisa Howard, President & CEO, E3 & The New E3 School