What’s Important to VA Voters?

The election is in full swing!  In November, Virginians will elect a new governor.  100 House of Delegate seats are also up for grabs. Both candidates, Terry McAuliffe (along with First Lady Pamela Northam,  Congressman Scott and Delegate Graves) and Glenn Youngkin visited The New E3 School in August to talk about the education crisis.

52% of Virginia’s children are NOT READY in literacy, math, social skills or self-regulation (VKRP, Spring 2020).  Our children, families, teachers and schools are struggling.  The next governor and legislature MUST make education, beginning with early ed their #1 priority.  The pandemic set children back.  As taxpayers, WE pay the price when our children fail.

The Bottom Line:

Virginia voters are concerned that children are entering kindergarten not ready.  The VKRP data resonates with Republicans, Democrats and Independents.  Virginia voters:

  • Believe VKRP data.  Two-thirds say we need to do more to help children begin kindergarten with the skills they need.
  • Say terms like early learning and early education resonate with them.  Terms like child care, day care, early childhood and universal access DO NOT.
  • Support new dollars for early learning up to third grade to help our children recover, prepare and thrive in school.
  • Favor using “sin taxes” from casino gaming, legalized marijuana and increase in tobacco tax as additional revenue.
  • Support more funding in the classroom to ensure access to high quality curriculum, professional development, and other resources to help teachers.
  • Agree that more tools for parents and teachers are needed to improve reading and math and help our children recover from the pandemic.

Want to KNOW more?

Click below for more highlights from the polling.

Republican Polling Data

Democratic Polling Data

Want to DO more?

Let your candidate know why this issue matters to you NOW.  They need YOU and YOUR VOTE.  NOW is the time to tell them what matters to you as a Virginia voter.

Join Us!

We have been fighting for policy change.  We have seen BIG WINS for kids and historic state investments.  The dedicated funding WE advocated for will give over 20,000 at-risk children access to quality public and private programs.  And, the 40% net revenue from the sale of marijuana could generate over $80m+ more for our children in the future.  But we aren’t done.  We need YOU.  Become an advocate for Virginia’s children.

Invest in our Children!