WE are Making an Impact TOGETHER!

Dear Advocates:

As the 2022 General Assembly is underway, we wanted to remind you of the impact we have made together up to this point.


  • Worked alongside Republicans and Democrats to change policy and impact children.
  • Focused on data-driven problems and solutions.
  • Secured BIG WINS for our kids.
  • Increased Virginia’s investment in early education.
  • Build a movement to make lasting change and impact thousands of children, families and classrooms.
  • Increased the per pupil spending in the Virginia Preschool Initiative (VPI) programs.
  • Led the advocacy and secured dedicated funding for over 20,000 at-risk children to have access to quality programs.
  • Advocated to expand The New E3 School and UVA’s STREAMin3 model to all early learning programs.

WE are moving policy in the right direction for Virginia children, families, teachers, programs and schools.  Let’s keep the momentum going!

Invest in our Children!