The New E3 School:  Innovation at Work

Our school is a state-of-the-art, mixed-income model for children ages one to five.  Our school is a catalyst for policy change in the region and state.  We have proven that when all children have access to quality, they enter kindergarten ready academically and socially.

The STREAMin3 Pilot and Expansion

E3: Elevate Early Education funded and worked alongside UVA to develop the STREAMin3 curricula model for children ages one to five in our school.  Our goal was to ensure that the curriculum, professional development, coaching and assessment model could be replicated and have an impact beyond The New E3 School.

E3’s team advocated in 2019  for state and private funds to pilot the model voluntarily in 112 early learning classrooms (faith-based, Head Start, private programs and The Virginia Preschool Initiative).  Results from the pilot proved that the model is replicable and scalable. 

E3: Elevate Early Education advocated for all state-funded programs to have access to STREAMin3.  The STREAMin3 model is now on VDOE’s list of approved curriculum for infants, toddlers and preschoolers.  

One of our Batten-Minor Challenge Policy Initiatives has moved forward to impact more children.  The STREAMin3 curriculum model is available to all birth to five publicly funded classrooms. Learn more about how to get the curriculum.

The New E3 School is a catalyst for policy change and increasing state investment in Virginia.

Watch the video below to see our school in action.

Click on the link below to access the Spring 2021 Classroom Quality, Interactions and K Readiness Report.

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