The New E3 School

Our school is a state-of-the-art early learning program for children ages one to five in the Park Place neighborhood of Norfolk. Our innovative, mixed-income model includes:

  • The STREAMin3 curriculum

  • Professional development

  • Coaching

  • Measurement of classroom quality

  • Assessment of children’s readiness

  • Performance-based pay for teachers and staff

The STREAMin3 Pilot

In 2019, the implementation evaluation pilot began, and data was collected in over 100 classrooms in faith-based, Head Start, private, and Virginia Preschool Initiative (VPI) programs across Virginia. Many pilot programs were not open during the pandemic, and there was a disruption in the data collection measuring classroom quality and kindergarten readiness. The initial findings show:

  • It is feasible for faith-based, Head Start, private programs, and the Virginia Preschool Initiative (VPI) to replicate and scale the model with support.

  • Coaching and professional development can be delivered virtually.

  • The model can be adapted and modified virtually or in a hybrid setting.

The Challenge

  • 52% of Virginia’s children are NOT READY.
  • The achievement and readiness gaps begin in the early years and widen without intervention.

The Solution

  • High quality early learning can close the achievement and readiness gaps.
  • Equitable access to high quality early education prepares ALL children academically and socially.

The Results

  • All classrooms met or exceeded the threshold for quality across all domains.

  • All classrooms reached mastery-level in at least two domains.

  • The data shows children are engaged in quality interactions.

  • High quality is consistent and strong across all classrooms.

  • All children from across different socioeconomic backgrounds needed more support with social skills.

  • Most children who received a scholarship met or exceeded the benchmarks in literacy, math, or self-regulation.

  • Some children who received a scholarship needed more support in the domain of social skills.

  • TNE3S classrooms have scores that are higher than other respected programs across all domains and ageMost children met or exceeded the benchmarks in literacy, math, and self-regulation.


The New E3 School Scholarship Fund

Every child, regardless of their zip code deserves the opportunity to attend a high-quality program.  Your gift to our Scholarship Fund will provide a child from a low- or middle-income family with the opportunity.

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The New E3 School is a catalyst for policy change, impacting children in our region and across the state of Virginia.

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