STREAMin3 Mission Accomplished!

Dear Friends,

As you know, E3 through the generosity of private investors funded and worked alongside UVA to develop the STREAMin3 curricula model for children ages one to five in our school.  Ultimately, we set out to create and develop a model that would impact thousands of children, parents, teachers and programs by giving them the tools they need to focus on quality in the classroom.  Our goal was to ensure that the curriculum, professional development, coaching and assessment model could be replicated for use by programs beyond The New E3 School, a prototype demonstration model for the state and catalyst for policy change.

E3’s team advocated in 2019 after the JLARC study was released for state and private funds to pilot the model voluntarily in 112 early learning classrooms (faith-based, Head Start, private programs and the Virginia Preschool Initiative) in Virginia.  The recent pilot and implementation evaluation proved that it was replicable and scalable.  We continued to advocate for the model to be more widely available.

We are excited to announce that the STREAMin3 model is on VDOE’s list of approved curriculum for infants, toddlers and preschoolers.  One of our Batten-Minor Challenge Policy Initiatives is moving forward and will help even more children have access to high quality through making the STREAMin3 model available.

This outcome would not have happened without E3’s advocacy & awareness, our supporters, investors, partners and The New E3 School!  

All that we have accomplished since 2011 would not have been possible without each of YOU!  While we have much to celebrate, there is still work to do with the reading and learning gaps our children, parents, teachers, early learning programs and schools are facing.  There’s more to come, so be on the lookout!

Stay well,






President & CEO
E3: Elevate Early Education & The New E3 School

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