Our Work:

E3: Elevate Early Education is an issue-advocacy organization that advocates for state funds to be invested in early learning with a focus on access, equity, quality and impact for all children.

The Challenge:

  • 44% of Virginia’s children are NOT READY for Kindergarten.
  • 56% of children from economically disadvantaged backgrounds are NOT READY.
  • 3 in 10 children FAIL to meet third grade SOL passage in reading.
  • 2 in 10 FAIL to meet third grade SOL passage in math.
  • Reading scores in K-12 have been trending DOWNWARD since 2015.
  • Racial and economic DISPARITIES in SOL performance exist across the state of Virginia.

The Research:

Tells us that investing in early education benefits all children, families and society. This investment is particularly valuable in addressing learning shortfalls resulting from the inequality of opportunity associated with poverty and racial discrimination.

Our Strategy:

Improve opportunities and outcomes for all children by creating a dedicated funding stream and funding formula with state funds to increase access, equity and quality of early learning programs.

The Solution:

Make equitable access to high quality early learning a top priority.

The Outcome:

Increased public investment in quality early learning. Virginia’s children will be ready for kindergarten.

ACCESS. Improve access to quality for ALL children.

EQUITY. Work to address racial, ethnic and risk factor disparities.

QUALITY. Focus on quality.

IMPACT. ALL Children are READY to succeed academically and socially.

Invest in our Children!