Quality MATTERS!

Access Matters. Teachers Matter. QUALITY Matters.


Access alone is not enough. Research tells us that children need and deserve access to high quality early learning programs. Higher quality programs have the greatest impact & strongest outcomes for ALL children. Investing public dollars in quality will provide academic, economic & social gains NOW & in the future. The effects are long-lasting. High quality early learning leads to the development of social-emotional skills that are vitally important to success later in life. The most critical years of development occur long before a child enters kindergarten.


Early learning programs are the backbone of rebuilding our economy:

  •  Parents cannot work without them.
  • Mothers are dropping out of the workforce in record numbers during the health crisis.
  • Businesses need reliable child care to retain their employees.
  • Schools cannot reopen without them.
  • Working families desperately need access to affordable and reliable programs.
  • The health crisis is widening the equity & opportunity gap.

EVERY child needs & deserves access to quality early learning.

EVERY family deserves equitable access to high quality programs.

EVERY child deserves an EQUAL Opportunity.



Sign up today & tell your legislator that Early education & learning is important to YOU.

 We want YOU to be part of the movement! Help us fight for equitable access to high quality early learning for Virginia Children.

Invest in our Children!