My Story

Dear Friends,

Every time I walk into The New E3 School or talk with directors and teachers of programs across the state, I am reminded of why I became an advocate for education.  Both of my boys attended high-quality early education programs and it set them up for success academically and socially.  They were fortunate that we could afford to send them and knew what to look for in a quality program.  I remember dropping off my children and thinking every child should have the same opportunity.

I was talking with a senator a few weeks ago about the need for dedicated funding in public and private programs.  We talked about our time working in Head Start.  For many years, I was a director and teacher in early learning programs and elementary schools.  While teaching third grade, I saw firsthand what happens with children from all backgrounds when they enter school behind.  In my class year after year, children were struggling to keep up with their peers and needed intervention.

Our children are falling further behind every day, families are struggling and teachers need tools to help children and improve quality in the classroom.  Virginia’s kindergarteners and first-graders are struggling to read on grade level more now than last year.  The number of low-income first-graders who need reading intervention is at 41%, up from 26% in 2019.

Education is a game changer and levels the playing field.  That begins early.  As part of the legalization of marijuana bill, Governor Northam proposed that 40% of the tax revenue generated provide access to quality early learning programs for at-risk children.  There is no better way to reinvest in communities than to start with our children in areas that have been impacted the most.

Every child deserves high-quality early learning.  That starts with YOU.

Forward this email to your friends, family and colleagues in your network.  Ask them to Join Us.

While our stories may be different, it is time to come together for our children and fight for every dollar.  They need you.  They need us.

Thank you for rallying behind our cause.

Lisa Howard
President & CEO
E3: Elevate Early Education and The New E3 School

Invest in our Children!