McDonnell Unveils New Initiative: All Students

Image via AllStudents.Virginia.Gov


As Virginians gear up for another General Assembly session, here at E3: Elevate Early Education, we celebrate and applaud Governor McDonnell for making education one of his two major policy challenges this year!

In a press conference last week as the Governor unveiled his K-12 legislative agenda, he announced a new initiative, All Students, dedicated to bringing attention to the critical role K-12 education plays in our communities and our economy.  Governor McDonnell understands that in order to be competitive in the competitive global economy, we need a competitive K-12 education system, and to do so, ALL STUDENTS regardless of ZIP code, deserve access to a high-quality education:

“States are competing against each other, and the world, for job-creating businesses. When deciding where to move or expand, businesses look for a well-educated and well-trained workforce. We owe every student the opportunity to be career-ready or college-ready when they graduate from high school. A good education means a good job.”

-Governor Bob McDonnell

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