In The News: Governor McDonnell Includes Kindergarten Assessment in K-12 Reform Agenda Initiatives

Image via AllStudents
Image via All Students


This afternoon, Governor McDonnell rolled out additional elements of his K-12 agenda, including his support of Kindergarten Readiness through the development and piloting of a kindergarten readiness assessment tool.  The development of such an assessment will allow for a better understanding of the range of skills children have as they enter kindergarten and progress through the school year.

“Virginia is blessed with some of the best schools and educators in the nation, but we have to compete globally.  We must embrace a culture of innovation and accountability by adopting proven reforms, reducing red tape for educators, supporting the highest degree of professionalism in the classroom, and giving our teachers and students the tools necessary to achieve success in our schools.”

-Governor Bob McDonnell

We couldn’t be happier that Governor McDonnell has made education one of his two major policy challenges this year and we celebrate and applaud the leadership of Governor McDonnell and his Administration.

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