High quality matters in early education through elementary school. Simply put, it is the only way we will see results. Each year of a child’s education should build upon the next. The most promising and effective models focus on:

  • Curriculum aligned from preschool to third grade that focuses on building skills from year to year
  • Professional development & coaching for teachers
  • Classroom quality
  • Teacher-child interactions
  • Assessment & data that shows progress and areas to improve
  • Longitudinal data
Fadeout studies give us an opportunity to understand why some programs are effective and why some are not.

  • Focus on the kindergarten through third grade experience and continuity between early education and the elementary school years.
  • Implement models with fidelity and greater quality control.
  • Ensure the same level of quality exists in early education and our neighborhood elementary schools.
  • Show children are better off with longitudinal data from preschool through third grade.

It is time to build a system that ensures continuity between early education and third grade.

“If quality is high in an early childhood program but not in K-3 classrooms, it stands to reason that sustained achievement will likely be low.”

– Future Of Children, December 2016

Dallas Independent School District's thoughtful, thorough, and data-informed implementation of CLASS creates benefits that reverberate from pre-k through early elementary and beyond.

In Building Early Education LeadersNew America takes a closer look at how states and districts are equipping principals to support young learners.


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