Virginia Kindergarten Readiness Program

The Virginia Kindergarten Readiness Program (VKRP) expands the assessment of children kindergarten beyond literacy (PALS), to include the school readiness domains of math, social skills, and self-regulation. The data provides school divisions with a more comprehensive understanding of how kindergarten students are entering elementary schools in terms of key readiness skills.

Fall 2016 Results

Readiness Results

40% of students entered kindergarten lacking readiness skills in at least one of the critical learning domains of literacy, math, self-regulation or social skills. 


45 diverse school divisions

659 kindergarten teachers

12,120 kindergarten students

For more information on 2016 VKRP results, click here.

Fall 2015 Results

Readiness Results

36% of students entered kindergarten lacking readiness skills in at least one of the learning domains of literacy, math, self-regulation or social skills.*

This was similar to the 2014 state representative results, where 34% of kindergarten students fell below the benchmark in literacy, math, self-regulation, or social skills.


21 diverse school divisions

528 kindergarten teachers

9,809 kindergarten students

*The 36% in fall 2015 is not a statewide representative sample

VKRP System Improvements

School division leaders and teachers provided feedback to improve the VKRP system to make it more effective and efficient. The features included:

  • Integrated with PALS online system
  • Revised the math assessment to be more user-friendly
  • Revised the reports for administrators and teachers
  • Improved individualized instructional strategies and resources directly linked to classroom and student reports

A Valuable Resource for Teachers, Division Leaders, Policy Makers and Stakeholders

  • Teachers will have a comprehensive understanding of their students’ skills upon kindergarten entry to differentiate instruction
  • Teachers will have online access to instructional strategies to support their students’ learning across domains
  • Division leaders will have benchmark data to target interventions and improve student outcomes
  • Policy makers will have data to align funding and interventions
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