Faithful Beginnings Readiness Guide

FB Readiness Guide

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Looking to help your child grow and develop in body, mind and spirit?  There’s a guide for that!

The Faithful Beginnings School Readiness Guide, developed by an interdenominational team, combines basic faith values, family activities and kindergarten readiness milestones to help your child get ready for kindergarten.  For parents looking to help their children succeed—at home, in school, and in life, this guide can be an effective tool.  Here’s how we use it:

Awareness–Making congregations aware of the importance of the early years and supplying them with tools and resources to educate their families and empower their parents as their child’s first and most important teacher.

Advocacy–Speaking with a unified voice to our communities and elected officials about the importance of strengthening families and prioritizing our children’s earliest years.

As your child’s first and most important teacher, we hope this guide will benefit both you and your child as you share life’s teachable moments with one another.  When we train up our children, we transform our community.

Need more ideas to help your child be ready for school?  Check out our parent-building guide, “What Parents Need To Know.”

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