Our Story

In 2012, E3: Elevate Early Education (E3), a statewide venture, was created by business, civic and philanthropic leaders to tenaciously pursue and challenge policy makers to make public investment in early education a priority.

Decades of research conclude that the greatest opportunity to impact a child’s development is in their first five years.  Yet, where the investment counts most—our public investment is lowest.

What’s been missing in Virginia is a bipartisan issue-advocacy organization solely dedicated to early education.

That’s why E3 was created—to raise awareness and advocate for strategic and data-driven investment in early education.

One third of children in Virginia enter kindergarten unprepared in at least one essential early learning domain.

Collaboration and Differentiation of E3 with Other Early Education Organizations:

  • There is one common denominator among states highly successful in securing greater public investment:  an independent early education advocacy group.  A unified and influential voice from the private sector can move early education policy and funding in a positive direction to amplify the work organizations are doing for Virginia’s children.
  • We are advocating to think differently about doing business for children at a critical time in their development.  That’s why we are working to bring Virginia’s business and civic leaders together to advocate for greater public investment.
  • E3 is a statewide advocacy group whose operations are privately funded.

E3 is a 501(c)(3), tax-exempt, charitable organization that raises funds from the public to help accomplish its mission.  Interested in investing? Email Lisa Howard at LHoward@e3va.org for all the details!